Music Park (also known as Melody Motorway in PAL regions) is the third course in Flower Cup in the game Mario Kart 7. The stage consists of musical instruments, such as xylophones, pianos, speakers, and horns. Even Piranha Plants beat their heads to the music in this stage. Just about everything in the stage goes with the beat, and when driving over the giant piano, sounds of the piano can be heard when driving over the keys. Like almost every other course in the game, there is an area which is eligible for gliding.

This course is rather similar to Toadette's Music Room from Mario Party DS.

Mario Kart 8

The track made a return in Mario Kart 8 as a course in the Leaf Cup.

In the update, the course has ambient lighting, updated graphics, and shading. The course banner now resembles a guitar neck with strings, and the Mario Kart logo is now multi-colored. The bouncy notes now squint when hitting the ground and they no longer jump shortly after they land when one minute and fifty-two seconds has passed, but on the final lap their behavior is faster along with the metronome. In the area they are in, the metronome played is louder than before. The Piranha Plants have switched pipe positions (left to right, right to left). A few additional coins have also been placed around the track. Small bouncing notes appear near the starting line, jumping in time with the music. Aside from the update in visuals and music, the track's layout remains the same as in the original, which is not seen in any other retro course in this game.



  • In all versions of the game, the flags on the side of the track says Music Park on them. This was possibly for online play purposes.
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