Music Notes are collectible items that appear in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2, as well as Super Mario Odyssey. Mario must collect all of these notes in order to get anything from Power Stars, to 1-Ups, to a Launch Star to a new area. However, in Odyssey, they always spawn a Power Moon. They are usually not activated until Mario enters a certain area, or if he collects a ? Coin in Super Mario Galaxy, however, in Odyssey, they can be activated by touching a larger Treble Clef shaped figure. These notes appear as a rainbow color and play a designated tune when collected. The tune generally depends upon the area the notes are located.


These notes, though similar to red coins in the New Super Mario Bros. games, only appear in the Galaxy games as well as Odyssey.


  • These notes are the closest resemblance to red coins in the Galaxy games.
  • These notes are the largest timed collection items in Mario games that aren't sparked by a Prankster Comet. They usually result in around 30 music notes per item in the Galaxy games.
    • In Super Mario Odyssey, however, their numbers are smaller, ranging from about 10-20 notes to be collected.


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