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Not to be confused with World Mushroom in Super Mario 3D World.

The Mushroom World

Mushroom World is the name of the eight countries where Mario and his friends live. It is the setting of many games in the Mario series and sub-series.


The World Map of Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.

The Mushroom Kingdom, Star Haven, as well as all the lands are featured in Super Mario Bros. 3, are all a part of the Mushroom World. As such, other lands that are associated with the Mushroom Kingdom also exist on Mushroom World, such as the Beanbean Kingdom, Sarasaland, Dinosaur Land, and Yoshi's Island. It is however, harder to determine if places in the Donkey Kong series such as the DK Isles or Crocodile Isle or in the WarioWare series (Diamond City) are located on Mushroom World. It is sensible to assume that they are, because several characters appear in the mainstream Mario series.

Mushroom World is orbited by a vast chain of small planetoids, as seen in Super Mario Galaxy. Mario appears to be able to breathe normally despite the lack of oxygen in this game, though in others he cannot. This may be explained by the presence of the Luma in his cap.

The Mushroom World also consists of the many areas and levels from Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars starting from Mario's house.


There are lands associated with the Mushroom Kingdom and thus the greater Mushroom World in alphabetical order. These lands appear in the Mario series of games, as well as some spin-off titles. Some are from the Donkey Kong series or the WarioWare series.

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