Mushroom Platforms are platforms that resemble toadstools. They appear in many Mario games.


Super Mario Bros./Super Mario World

In these games, Mushroom Platforms stay still and don't move, unlike the New Super Mario Bros. series. Mushroom Platforms in these games also don't always appear in sky-themed stages.

New Super Mario Bros. series

Mushroom Platforms appear mainly in sky-themed stages, but sometimes appear in normal levels. Some Mushroom Platforms stay in place, meanwhile others move around, making it harder to stay on.

Mario Kart Wii/7

In these games, Mushroom Platforms appear in Mushroom Gorge. Mushroom Platforms in these games are green (not to be mistaken by red Bouncy Mushrooms).

Super Mario Maker

In this game, Mushroom Platforms appear as an object you can place in your levels, and they appear in many different colors. They originally were unlocked after playing Super Mario Maker for 7 days.