Mushroom Mesa is the fourth course in Episode 1 of Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. It takes place on an island in the sky with a grassy hill and stone blocks.


Captain Toad begins on a lower part of the stage where he must navigate around the corner, dodge an airborne Flaptor, and enter a movable Touchstone. You must tap the block on the WiiU Gamepad while Captain Toad is inside to elevate him to the next level. Next, he can find two Shy Guys (the only ones in the course) and many Turnips, as well as a subterranean area with three touchable blocks. With clever usage of the openings, Captain Toad and reach the highest level, where a Power Star is awaiting to be collected.

Super Gems

  • Super Gem 1: Go in the second passageway to reveal a hidden cave leading to the Super Gem by turning right.
  • Super Gem 2: Defeat the two Shy Guys using Turnips.
  • Super Gem 3: While on the three clustered touch platforms, stand on top the middle one with the one closest to the Star raised. Go in the hole of that platform and lower it while being inside to reveal a hidden alcove with the Super Gem.

Optional Mission

  • Captain Toad must defeat all the enemies in the course. This is done by plucking turnips out of the ground and throwing them at all four enemies. This will coincidentally also get you the second diamond. When this objective is cleared, the box will be checked off on the corresponding page this course was on.
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