Mushroom Medic is an extra mini-game found in Mario Party 4.


There will be five patients. All of them will be given Poison Mushrooms; one of them will be infected. The player has to give the pill to the infected patient. They must find out which patient was infected by hearing (or looking at, if rumble is turned off) the patients' heartbeats through the controller rumbling. Whoever has the different heartbeat is the one infected. The player has a limited amount of time (20 seconds; decreasing by 1 every round until 5 seconds) to choose the patient.

If the player chooses the right patient, they will be happy and there will be a new set of patients. If the player chooses incorrectly, the patient will have a ? on top of their head, while the infected one will pass out. The infected one will also pass out if the player doesn't choose. There will be sirens after the patient passes out, and the Bowser losing music plays. If the player reaches 99 rounds, all of the patients will do a happy dance, but there will still be sirens and the Bowser music plays.


  • Control Stick - Move the Cursor
  • Gamecube A button.png - Choose

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