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Mushroom City.

Mushroom City is a course in Mario Kart: Double Dash!!. It is the second course in Star Cup and is filled with traffic. Every car from Mushroom Bridge (a related course that is in Flower Cup in the game) is in this track. Mushroom City shares the same music with Mushroom Bridge, and at one point, Mushroom Bridge can be seen across a lake.


The player starts off on a highway. As the player takes the exit he or she will be lowered into the city streets. Only in Grand Prix the traffic lights appear. The traffic lights flash, as if they are not working. Mushroom City is busier than Mushroom Bridge, mainly because this is a city, and the bridge is just a famous part of the outskirts of the city. On the highway the player must stay in the middle of the street to avoid the cars. Some cars, though, cannot hurt the player if he or she is hit, though, but are instead cars that shoot out Mushrooms. The two exits, where the cars appear, the player cannot enter, or the screen will blackout and Lakitu will put the player back on the correct track.


Mushroom City has one shortcut. One of these is a pink-colored (the other side of the path is purple though) path that is much like an alley, which cuts through a ton of track, putting the player farther ahead by quite a bit.

Other Appearances

  • Mushroom City can be seen in Rainbow Road in this game as well. When you fall off the edge of the track, you are able to see the city clearly, though throughout the level you can see the city just driving on the track.

Staff Ghost

Mushroom City
Unlock Time 01:53.000
Time 01:50.663
Characters MKDD Paratroopa.png MKDD Koopa.png
Paratroopa and Koopa Troopa
Vehicle KoopaDasherIcon-MKDD.png
Koopa Dasher
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