Mushroom Bridge is a race track in Mario Kart: Double Dash!! and later ported to Mario Kart DS. It is the first track of Flower Cup. It is known as a famous bridge in the Mushroom Kingdom. The bridge is very ornate and beautiful. It is similar to Mushroom City, only during the day and with fewer buildings. The background music is reused in Mushroom City. This track has traffic consisting of red and blue cars, Bob-omb Cars, Mushroom Cars, buses, trucks, and a Wiggler Bus. The traffic also reappears in Mushroom City. This track returns in Mario Kart DS with many of the shortcuts and alternate routes taken out.


Double Dash!!

The start of the track in the GameCube version.

Mushroom Bridge has three shortcuts:

  • The first one is not much of a shortcut, being right at the beginning of the course on the player's very right. Although it actually slows the racer down, once he or she goes through a pipe at the end of the narrow pathway, the player will come out on the normal road, hitting a Double Item Box (unless that player is playing Time Trial or turn off Item Boxes for VS Mode in the "Options" screen), similar to Peach Beach.
  • The second is a little more obvious, but requires a Mushroom in order to be a "shortcut", considering the fact that the route is made of dirt. The player will find this dirt road not too long after coming out of the first tunnel. The second part of the shortcut is made of stone, though, which would speed the player up (that is, if he or she went up the road without a Mushroom). After this, the player would end up dropping back onto the normal road, being a little bit ahead of a place that was ahead of the player before. A Mini-Turbo may be required when landing the jump, due to the fact lots of the time jumps can slow karts down.
  • The third is not too long after the second tunnel you come out of, and is the hardest one. There are boost pads on the rails of the bridge, but there are not gates, so only the best racers with the best balance can go up there. If the player falls, the best idea would to try and fall on the bridge side and not the side with water.
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