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The Mushmellow is a kart appears in the Mario Kart series. The kart itself seems to be similar to the Egg 1 as they both are a character's trademark as a kart itself. The kart appears to slightly resemble a Mushroom Car from Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, and is shaped like a Super Mushroom with small wheels.

In the Mario Kart series

In Mario Kart DS

Toad in his Mushmellow in Mario Kart DS.

The Mushmellow debuted in Mario Kart DS, as Toad's first Exclusive kart. His other karts include his standard kart, the Standard TD, and his unlockable Exclusive kart, the 4-Wheel Cradle. The Mushmellow features great acceleration, but has low speed, weight and items stat, whilst handling and drift are above average.

Its weight rivals Yoshi's Egg 1, its handling rivals Luigi's Streamliner, and its drift rivals Bowser's Hurricane. It shares its low items stat with each character's lighter karts.

During gameplay, only Toad can use the Mushmellow. However, if the player completes all 150cc Nitro or Retro Grand Prix cups, Yoshi and Dry Bones can use this kart. To let any character use this kart, the player must complete all cups in the Mirror Mode.

Toad in the Mushmellow is use as the staff ghosts for courses Shroom Ridge, GCN Baby Park and GCN Mushroom Bridge with an alotted times of 2:05:123, 0:50:920 and 1:30:600 respectively.

In Mario Kart Tour

Toad in his Mushmellow racing with Toadette on 3DS Mario Circuit in Mario Kart Tour.

The Mushmellow returns in Mario Kart Tour, as a Normal kart. It appears to use the same tires as the Pipe Frame. The game also adds in two new variants of the Mushmellow, one of which being the Pink Mushmellow, which uses designs based of Toadette and is also classified as a Normal kart, and the Cheermellow, which was part of the Winter Tour as a High-End kart.


Class Light
Speed 42
Acceleration 88
Weight 17
Handling 70
Drift 70
Items 32


  • The kart's name is a portmanteau of the words "mushroom" and "marshmellow".

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