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Mummipokey is a boss in New Super Mario Bros..


Data-rendered model of Mummipokey.

In this battle, Mummipokey will pop its head out of the ground at different places on the floor. The player will need to jump on its head three times (or hit it with 15 fireballs) in order to defeat it and gain access to World 3. To speed up your work, you can ground pound it, as this will do double damage, and whilst under the effects of a Mini Mushroom, this is the only way to inflict damage at all. However, if you can defeat it while you're Mini Mario, World 4 is unlocked.

The height of the Mummipokey will range from anything between two and five segments, and the longer it is, the longer it will take to go back down again. Thankfully, included in the two to five segments is its head, because at five you're going to need to do a Wall Jump in order to hit it. However, if you can hit while its halfway down, and time it right, your job of a Ground Pound will be made significantly easier.


  • Slime Ball: Mummipokey can spit slime balls that damage Mario.
  • Dig: Unlike many other Pokeys, Mummipokey can dig underground and reappear where Mario has last stood.


  • The Mummipokey is the first major boss that is a species of Pokey. The second is the Tower Power Pokey from Paper Mario: Sticker Star.
  • Mummipokey only appears in New Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo DS. It has not made an appearance since.