Mufti Guys, later renamed to Petal Guys, are recurring enemies in the Yoshi's Island series.


Mufti Guys appear just like regular Shy Guys, but they have flowers on their heads.


Super Mario World 2/Super Mario Advance 3/Yoshi's Island DS

They are a common enemy, located all around the island. Yoshi can only see the flowers of Mufti Guy until he reveals himself. Mufti Guy will wait for Yoshi to get close before emerging and trying to hurt Yoshi. Yoshi cannot hurt him until he reveals himself.

Mario Party Advance

Now named Petal Guys, a single one appears as a character in Mario Party Advance. He requests that the player delivers his poem to a Flutter, who he is in love with. However, when they do, he appears and reads the poem himself. Unfortunately, she rejects him. He gives up poetry and starts learning carpentry.

Yoshi's New Island

Mufti Guys act as they did in the previous games.

Yoshi's Crafted World

Only green-robed Mufti Guys appear, with cardboard flowers on their heads. They cannot be defeated until revealing themselves.


  • Despite the artwork showing the Mufti Guys to have green robes in Yoshi's New Island, no green Mufti Guys appear