Mt. Lavalava is a location the game Paper Mario. It is an active volcano that is located deep within Jade Jungle on Lavalava Island. Mario visits it during Chapter 5 and the Ultra Hammer is can be found here.


After enlisting the help of Raphael the Raven, Mario, his partners, and Kolorado head into Mt. Lavalava to find the next Star Spirit. Throughout the journey through the active volcano, Mario and his friends fight many enemies while Kolorado keeps injuring himself in some way while trying to find the hidden treasure. Eventually, Mario reaches deeper into Mt. Lavalava and finds himself fighting the terrible Lava Piranha. After a long battle, Mario and his friends (with even Kolorado assisting in a minor way) defeat the Lava Piranha and free the Star Spirit Misstar. However, before the celebrations could occur, the Mt. Lavalava suddenly starts to erupt. Misstar quickly urges Mario and the rest to head up higher to avoid the lava. Eventually, they reach a room where Kolorado is out of reach of the treasure he has been looking for. However, Misstar grabs both Mario and Kolorado and quickly get out of the volcano.