Mrs. Thwomp is a female Thwomp in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. She is known for being incessantly annoyed and for being married to Mr. Thwomp. She lives in Thwomp Volcano, and unusually for a Thwomp, is shaped like a boulder. Her battle style is resemblant of Trunkle from Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga.

Mrs. Thwomp and Mr. Thwomp both wait for the volcano to erupt every year. However, when Mario, Luigi, Baby Mario and Baby Luigi stop it from erupting, they became upset. As the brothers tried to ascend the volcano, Mrs. Thwomp decided that venting her frustrations out on the brothers would be the most sensible solution. (Violence is never the correct answer.)

In the battle itself, Mrs. Thwomp will use an attack in which she will split into four and shrink, and whilst shrunk, she will have some Micro-Goombas helping her out by acting as decoys. However, their disguises are not perfect; one factor that the player can exploit and work out which one to attack.

As a direct consequence of being defeated, Mrs. Thwomp gets even more annoyed; this anger does not stay there, however, as Mr. Thwomp tries - without success - to calm her down. Afterwards, Mr. Thwomp offers to take the brothers into Thwomp Caverns. Mrs. Thwomp asks if she can come with him, but he refuses; this decision proved to be wrong one, because even though Mr. Thwomp's decision was wholly educated in the sense that he knew that Mrs. Thwomp would flatten them, Mrs. Thwomp consequently hit the roof and she knocked them into the volcano.


Mrs. Thwomp (Large)

HP - 650 (730) (total) / 150 / 230

POW - 150

DEF - 105

Speed - 28

EXP - 400

Coins - 0 (150)

Mrs. Thwomp (Small)

HP - 400 (550)

POW - 88

DEF - 97

Speed - 28

EXP - 400 (0)

Coins - 150 (0)

Fake Mrs. Thwomp

HP - 50

POW - 88

DEF - 97

Speed - 28

EXP - 400 (0)

Coins - 0


*Regardless to what form you beat Mrs. Thwomp in, it will always play out like you beat her in her large form. As a result, you are always given the coin reward for defeating her larger form (which is actually 0 coins). This may've been a programming error. In Japan and Europe this was corrected as the coin reward has now been moved to her large form and both the coin and exp reward have been removed from the smaller form.

  • Although she is a Thwomp, she has a face that is similar to a Whomp.
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