Boom box

Gold Framed portrait of Mr. Luggs

Fallin in lpve

Mr. Luggs, eating his gelatin

Mr. Luggs is one of the portrait ghosts found in found in Luigi's Mansion. He can be found in the dining room in Area Two, where he sits at the dining table eating, what appears to be gelatin. Two ghost servants will float over to him with trays of gelatin when he runs out. If you suck up the servants with the Poltergust 3000. Mr. Luggs will get angry and he will shoot out around fifteen fireballs at you. If you survive the blasts, Mr. Luggs will start to be tired. When he is tired out, he will be vulnerable, and you can hit his heart and suck him up with the Poltergust. If you miss this chance, he will shoot five more fireballs.

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