Mr. I, also spelled out as Mister I., is a recurring enemy that appears in the Mario series.

Character description

Mr. I is a character that resembles a giant eyeball that appears in the Mario series,. Mr. I comes in many different sizes. Mr. I made its debut as an enemy in Super Mario 64. He appears in the courses, Big Boo's Haunt, Hazy Maze Cave, and Lethal Lava Land. Mr. I spins his body around in a clockwise fashion and locks onto Mario if he stands in his line of sight. Mr. I will then fire projectiles at Mario if he stares at him long enough. Mario can destroy Mr. I by running around him while he is gazing at him, causing Mr. I to spin out, shrink and disappear. A giant Mr. I also appears in Big Boo's Haunt.

Mr. I also appears as an enemy in Super Paper Mario.


Mario Party series

Mr. I has appeared as both a character on the board maps and in mini-games.

Mario Party 2

Mr. I appears as a character on the Horror Land board map. If a character passes Mr. I's lair, he will charge the character ten coins (during the day) and five coins (during the night) to travel to the opposite side of the board.

Mario Party 3

Mr. I makes a cameo in the battle mini-game Eye Sore. In this mini-game, the characters must run around Mr. I, causing him to shrink after each rotation. The character must avoid making contact with Mr. I or the Podoboos while trying to complete the mini-game's objective. The character that minimizes Mr. I first is deemed the winner.

Mario Party 5

Mr. I appears as a weapon in Super Duel Mode. Mr. I will shoot projectiles from his eyes to stun other characters.

Mario Party Advance

Mr. I appeared as a wigglers crush.

Mario Party 8

Mr. I makes a cameo in the mini-game Eye Brawl. The character's are required to move the cursor around Mr. I's head to cause him to spin out. The losing character of the mini-game will be attacked by a group of smaller Mr. I's.

Super Paper Mario

Mr. I SPM.png

Mr. I's, who are spelled out as Mister I's in this game, are only seen in Castle Bleck of this game. They only way to defeat them is to have Mario use his Flip ability and then run in circles around them. They can only fire lasers to attack. Another version of a Mr. I, known as Red I's, also appear in this game.