"Try to remember the entire dance, so you'll be ready to move when your turn comes along."
― Advice

Move to the Music is a mini-game from Mario Party 2.


The object of the game is to follow the moves of the dance master, or if playing as the dance master, to make a dance pattern for the other characters to mimic. The dance master must successfully have all the other dancers eliminated before two verses of the song play. Regular dancers must memorize all notes and play them when the indicator at the bottom has a note corresponding with that character's bar. If a note is missed or the wrong one is played, the dancer is eliminated. If the dance master leaves a note blank, then any note can be played in its spot.


  • Control Stick (Control Stick up/Control Stick down/Control Stick left/Control Stick right) -Dance
  • A Button/B Button/Z Button - Dance