Mount Wario is the final course of the Star Cup in Mario Kart 8. It has three sections in one giant course and involves going down a massive mountain.


The course starts with racers being dropped out of an airplane onto a snowy backcountry landscape. After navigating down an icy ridge, racers reach the first checkpoint, marking the start of the second segment.

The second segment is an antigravity, and sees players travel through a cavern, then along the side of a dam. After passing through a wooded forest, with trees to navigate between, the track reaches the top of a chairlift, at which point players hit the checkpoint denoting the start of the final segment.

The final segment sees racers travel down a ski cross course, navigating through slalom gates and a patch of moguls. The track then hits an antigravity pad as it enters the gates for a ski jumping hill. Drivers then travel down the hill and off the jump, hitting a glider pad. While in the air, there are several aerial hoops to navigate between. The track then hits the landing zone and enters the finish line.



  • This is one of the courses to have three segments on the whole track along with N64 Rainbow Road and Big Blue, and the only one of these to not be a full lap. Big Blue's case is debatable, as there is a possibility that the Start-Finish checkpoint is stretched and the starting line and the finish line are actually one line split in half by the huge gap.
  • The course's french name does not mention Wario. Despite this, Wario still has his emblem featured on the course.
  • This is the only Wario-themed course to have Waluigi for the staff ghost in Mario Kart 8.
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