Mount Pajamaja is the boss of the Dream world of Mount Pajamaja. He is first encountered at the summit, taking his nap. The Mario brothers poke his nose with several boxes to rouse him from his nap, so he can erupt and get the Dream Portal working again.


Physical description

Mount Pajamaja is a giant conical humanoid being with short, squatty, yet functional legs and two bulky arms. His eyes and the inside of his mouth are yellow, while his body is brown (red in the Battle Ring).


The Mario Bros. accidentally encountered Mount Pajamaja when the Mario brothers and Prince Dreambert scale his volcano in their attempts to seek a way to make it erupt. To wake him up and get his aid, they pop a pimple on his nose. This backfires and the mountain instead flies into a rage, chasing them down the mountain. He is then fought as a boss at the base of the volcano.

Upon defeat, Mount Pajamaja reforms and goes back to his volcano's crater.

In Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

In battle, Mount Pajamaja tends to block the jump attack. His weakness is the hammer, which can flip him over and makes his nose weak to jumps. He has the following attacks:

  • Volcanic Volleyball: Mount Pajamaja fires a rock from his vent. The Mario brothers must block this rock with their hammers, with enough volleys causing the vent to be stuck in Pajamaja's vent, which explodes and deals some damage.
  • Steam Train: Mount Pajamaja charges and his target has to hold him back, knocking the boss onto his back following a successful counter.

After he loses 1/4 of his health, Mount Pajamaja creates a column of rocks. The Mario brothers now have to knock the stones down as Pajamaja bombards them with fiery boulders that must be blocked with the hammer.