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Mount Pajamaja is a location that appears in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. It is the seventh explored area followed by wakeport. It is located directly north of Pi'illo Castle and it was where the Dream Stone was taken to have its powers unlocked. It is also where Mario and Luigi first learn the Spin Jump and the Side Drill moves.


Mount Pajamaja is mainly a large mountain/volcano, which Mario and Luigi must scale using the help of the Massif Bros: Big Massif and Lil' Massif. One unique thing about Mount Pajamja is that is a mountain composed of lava and ice.


After learning that Antasma and Bowser have taken the Dream Stone up Mount Pajamaja, Mario, Luigi, Prince Dreambert, and Starlow all decide to climb up the mountain. Using the help of the Massif Bros., they managed to make it to the top only to be stopped by the guardian of Mount Pajamaja. Mario and Luigi defeat the large monster and the group finally confronts Antasma and Bowser. However, they say it's too late, and they then play a music, known as the Dreambeats, that is powerful enough to put nearly everyone in the Pi'illo Kingdom, including Mario and Luigi, to sleep. Starlow and Dreambert are not affected by this but they have no choice to flee from the Dreambeats. Dreambert suggests heading into the dream world to hide from the noise. They do so and they manage to escape from the music. However, after exiting the dream version of Mount Pajamaja, Mario and the group learn that Antasma and Bowser have already begun to use the powers of the Dream Stone and have flown away. Worried, the group decides to head back to Pi'illo Castle to protect Princess Peach, and they leave the mountain using a warp pipe. Meanwhile, Antasma and Bowser create a new castle right above Mount Pajamaja and Bowser dubs it Neo Bowser Castle. Antasma decides to demonstrate its power by destroying nearby islands leaving even Bowser's troops shocked in fear. Bowser, excited, now wants his wish granted.