Mount Beanpole is the third level of World 1 of Super Mario 3D World.


The main features of this level includes climbing up into the skies. There are also numerous of Piranha Plants in this level.

Green Stars

  • Green Star 1: Climb the Bell Tree at the left on the very start of the level.
  • Green Star 2: Activate the third POW Block to activate the one above to go in a hidden pipe. Hit the P switch and collect every blue coin (also be in Cat form).
  • Green Star 3: Before crossing the bridge, be in Cat form to climb the wall and to spin the wheel to rise a tower to climb up. Go on the Latiku cloud to be in a bonus area. Make it to the end to get to the star.


Mount Beanpole Stamp
To the right of the moving blocks with the third POW Block, there's a Cat Goomba stamp that could be collected through falling off a ledge, climbing in Cat form or wall jumps.

Hidden Luigi Image

Players should meet a Sprixie with binoculars on the left tree at the beginning of the stage. Through the binoculars, the players can see an 8-bit Luigi on a wall hidden within the shadow of the mountain's highest tree.


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