Motos [1] are robot-like enemies that are similar to Bullies and Chuckyas. They existed in the beta version of Super Mario 64. They most likely were supposed to replace the Bully and Big Bully.


Motos have robot-like heads and spherical metal body, with yellow arms and hands that are divided into two gray triangles, and with yellow legs and grey feet. Motos attack Mario by first running at him, picking him up, and then running to lava and throwing him. Mario can defeat him by throwing him into the lava, if not he will just stand up and attack, which is coded in, he was previously invincible. He drops a Blue Coin after being defeated, this was also coded. They were found in Lethal Lava Land (maybe Bowser in the Fire Sea too). They come in big and small sizes like Bullies. There is a 3D version of Motos, but they finally used mostly sprites to save memory. There is also no image of his 3D counterpart.

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New Beta Enemy Found in SM64 After 25 Years - Motos-0

As a result of the recent SM64 leaks, the ROM hacking community uncovered the assets of Motos dubbed from the names within the code. Its model and animations were found out on discord by a user named AWiseguyEh.[1] It was also posted on twitter by Yoshi Milkman. There is a custom made image that can be found here that shows how Motos will look in the recent games.


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  1. Motos were found 24 years and 1 month after the release of SM64.
  2. They were maybe made after the Spaceworld 95 demo.
  3. Some people believe that Motos are fake (modded inside of SM64). This is not yet proven to be true.
  4. Motos were, for a mod, added to Paper Mario.