#2 Morton's Castle is the final level of Donut Plains. The level introduces new enemies, Dry Bones, Thwomps and Thwimps and the first boss level to introduce ! Blocks. This castle is owned by Morton.


The level rarely has a secret room where you have to fly up and enter the Warp Pipe, leading to the blocks with a hidden 1-Up Mushrooms and exiting the pipe will end you up halfway to Morton's doorway.

Instead of going to the secret room, you pass by two Thwimps, then passing a conveyor going upwards under the three Ball 'n' Chains.

On the next room, you go pass by three Thwomps and lava pits and a Dry Bone.

The final room, has ledges moving left and right continually, including plenty Dry Bones.


Main article: Morton Koopa Jr.

To defeat Morton Koopa, Mario or Luigi has to jump on Morton Koopa thrice (or you can throw two fireballs at him and jump on him once). He climbs on walls to the ceiling and aims to attack Mario or Luigi. The more he loses lives, he gets faster. Upon defeated, Morton shrinks and disappears. The cutscene shows one of the Mario Bros. saving the Yoshi and hitting his castle, resulting the castle to collapse.

"Morton Koopa Jr.. Of castle #2, is now a memory"
― Cutscene