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The Monolift is an enemy in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. Found throughout Mount Pajamaja, they resemble mountains and have gloved hands and brown feet, similar to Viri.

Monolifts are usually seen lifting a single rock over their head, but encroaching on their territory causes them to chase the intruder and throw their rock. While they wait for a new rock, the Monolifts are vulnerable to ambushes.


Monolifts are usually immune to getting jumped on since they lift rock stacks over their head. However, a Monolift who lifts more than three will start to sweat. If he gets jumped on in this state, the Monolift will take critical damage rather than none from the jump.

A Monolift may attack by trying to throw his rock stack onto a Bro., who must knock the Monolift away with a hammer strike, but only when the rock stack tilts away. The Monolift may also toss his rocks upward and punch them as projectiles. The rocks will change their target depending on which hand the Monolift punches with. However, an orange rock splits in two, targeting both brothers regardless of which hand the Monolift used.

A Monolift that is in combat with Grumbells may perform a duo technique with the Grumbell by lifting him up and then throwing him. The bro. has to jump the Grumbell, though his identify can be telegraphed by which eye the Monolift twitches before the throw. If the Monolift twictches his right eye, Mario is the target. If the left, Luigi is the target. Only the Grumbell uses his attack turn during this move.

Monolifts are Level 16 monsters with 120 hit points, an attack power of level 77, a defense of level 86, and a speed of level 43, dropping 20 coins along with a Taunt Ball (in 2 out of 25 cases) and an Ultra Nut (in 1 out of 50 cases) upon defeat along with giving 85 experience.


Monolift R

A stronger variation that can be found guarding the path to the Pajamaja Rock Frame. They are of level 23 and have 184 hit points, 130 power, 138 defense, and 64 speed, giving 210 experience and 35 coins along with a Refreshing Herb in 1 out of 10 cases upon defeat.

Block Monolift

Only seen during the battle with the Mammoshka. They are blue with yellow eyes. These Monolifts are much weaker than their grey-ish brethren, going down in one strong hit. The Mammoshka may summon them to protect his head.