Moneybags are purse-like enemies with coins in them, appearing in more recent games.

Super Mario 64 DS

They appear in Snowman's Land, and are defeated by jumping on them. They are disguised as a coin until Mario, Luigi, Wario, or Yoshi comes near, and then they reveal themselves and flee. They release five coins when defeated.

SM64 Moneybags

A Moneybags jumping around

New Super Mario Bros.

In New Super Mario Bros., they appear in World 5-2 and 6-3. They hop away from Mario in pit-filled areas, hoping that the plumber will fall to his death. Mario can jump on them or hit with fireballs five times, and will spit out a coin each time they are hit. If defeated, they will release a 1-up Mushroom.

Mini Games

It also appears in Coincentration and Intense Coincentration, two of the puzzle mini games in Super Mario 64 DS. The former reappears in New Super Mario Bros..

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