Mizzter Blizzard is the boss of World 4 in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. He is also first fought as Bowser's Snow Statue.


Mizzter Blizzard is Mr. Blizzard but much more colorful in design. He has a yellow punching glove on his arm. He has a zig-zag mouth and yellow eyes. He also wears a blue crown on his head. Careful, this boss can be tough coming into the battle with 400 Hp.

Bowser Snow Statue

Before Mizzter Blizzard is truly fought, Mario must first take down the gigantic Bowser's Snow Statue first. Bowser's Snow Statue is basically a giant ice statue/sculpture of Bowser.

In battle

Mizzter Blizzard starts out the battle with his gigantic Bowser's Snow Statue form. It's main attacks include slamming down onto Mario and breathing ice on him. After the statue is destroyed, Mizzter Blizzard reveals his true form and only attacks by throwing snowballs at Mario. After he is defeated, Mizzter Blizzard tells Mario that he only used the Royal Sticker to help build his body back together and wishes for Mario to build him back together when it gets cold again. He also apologizes to Mario for attacking him.


Bowser's Snow Statue.

Being made of ice and snow, Mizzter Blizzard's weakness is fire. Mario should use any of his strongest fire-based Stickers to first bring Bowser's Snow Statue down. The Oven and Raditor thing stickers are very helpful in this fight and with perfect timing deals 100 damage to the boss. The recently picked up Big Shiny Burnhammer works wonders in this fight as well. After reaching 100 HP, the statue is destroyed and Mizzter Blizzard is forced to fight in his true form. Fortunately, Mizzter Blizzard is much weaker in this form requiring little effort to bring him down. Note: Do not use Ice-based Stickers on Mizzter Blizzard as it only heals him.


  • The fight with Mizzter Blizzard is similar to the fight with the Koopa Bros. from Paper Mario: They both first fight with a replica of Bowser before the fight with the actual boss begins.