A Mistake, also referred to as Cooking Mistake, is an item and recipe that appears in Paper Mario and Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. It also reappears in Super Paper Mario.


Mistakes can only be made by having the chef (Tayce T. or Zess T.) cook an item or two items together that won't make a good recipe. Mistakes can only heal 1 HP and 1 FP and is considered the worst healing item in the game except better than Dried Shrooms.


Mistakes can be created by either cooking an item or items that don't go together. For example, cooking using a Thunder Rage or cooking a Tasty Tonic with a Dizzy Dial.


  • In Paper Mario, if Mario eats a Mistake, he will show disdain for the taste by sticking out his tongue.
  • In Super Paper Mario, if the player answers one of "Merlee"'s questions for a Cooking Mistake at Castle Bleck, a bunch of Cooking Mistakes will appear in the next room.