The Mission Mode is an additional mode in Mario Kart DS.

Here, the player has to do various missions. There are seven levels total, plus eight normal missions in each level and a boss battle, (each boss returning from Super Mario 64 and its DS remake) making nine total. They use all the tracks, but only the first eight characters each in their respective standard karts. The Grand Prix rankings are used (although, for different times). Level 7 is unlocked by getting star rankings on the previous missions and bosses. When bosses from six and seven levels are defeated, Version 1 end credits are shown.

Standard Missions

These have unusual objectives for the Mario Kart series of games. They include:

  • Winning against a CPU (not necessarily a kart) on a changed track.
  • Performing a certain amount of drifts in a certain amount of laps.
  • Collecting a certain amount of coins.
  • Going through a certain amount of numbered gates (that look like tires) in the correct order.
  • Defeating a certain amount of enemies.
  • Breaking a certain amount of Item Boxes or crates.
  • Getting to a part of the track under a certain condition.
  • Completing tasks within a time limit.

There are also a few conditions including:.

  • Driving backwards.
  • Losing due to hitting an enemy.
  • Not being able to go certain places.
  • Hitting a certain amount of enemies.


Most of these bosses are from Super Mario 64 and again in the DS. Goomboss, King Boo, and Chief Chilly are only from Super Mario 64 DS, because they and Bowser kidnapped Mario, Luigi, and Wario, who are unlockable characters and Yoshi should save them.

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