Mirage Mansion
MTA Mirage Mansion

Setting of Mirage Mansion.
Appears in Mario Tennis Aces
Game information
Ball Speed Fast
Bounce Strength Normal
Spectators Peepas
Missions 5

Mirage Mansion is a haunted-themed court that takes place in a haunted mansion. It only appears in Mario Tennis Aces.

In-game description

  • "Mysterious mirrors adorn a mysterious mansion. But...where exactly does a tennis ball go when it disappears inside one of these mirrors?"

Adventure Mode

In Adventure Mode, Mario and Toad visit the third area for the second Power Stone. The Boo challenges Mario in a match. After completing the mission, Boo tells them that there is "true horror" waiting up ahead. Mario must complete the mirror puzzle when he reaches the Reflection Room within the time limit. Then .Mario faces the boss and mansion ruler, Madame Mirage. There is an optional mission to complete from Boo which he needs to knock down the panels with the tennis ball. Then Boo will give Mario a hint for the puzzle in the Reflection Room. Another optional mission which Mario must return the ball to Boo until he reaches 300 points, and he will be rewarded the Mirror Racket.


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