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Minion Quest: The Search for Bowser is a side story game that is paired with the game Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions.


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The story begins on the Koopa Cruiser. Iggy Koopa, Roy Koopa, and Wendy O. Koopa arrive in an unknown chamber of the airship, visiting Goombas who are trapped inside barrels. After a few rude remarks from the Koopalings, a Koopa Troopa barges in warning them that the Koopa Cruiser was going to explode.

After the explosion, one Goomba wakes up stranded on Hoohoo Mountain.

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The player is able to arrange teams, or squads, using the captains or minions they have. Each squad must contain 1 captain character and up to 7 normal minion characters (e.g. Captain Goomba and 7 Shy Guys). These squads are used in the levels of the game, which consist of two to six rounds of fighting enemy squads. The goal of the battles are to get to the enemy captain and defeat him. Captain Commands can be used by both captains to get the upper hand in battle. If the enemy captain is defeated and enemy minions are still on the battlefield, the player will still win as the enemy minions run away. After the level is over, the player might recruit a few more minions that were featured in the enemy squad. However, some minions are unobtainable.

Minion Types

There are three types of minions: Melee troopers, Ranged troopers, and Flying troopers. Every type is weak to one type and resistant to another

the Power triangle

(refer to the "power triangle" image). Each type also lines up in a certain way on the battlefield. Melee troopers will always be in the front of the squad. Ranged troopers will always line up in the back of the squad, near the captain. Flying troopers will place themselves in the middle of the other two. Finally, each minion type will attack differently in battle. Melee and Flying troopers will face a random enemy close to them. Ranged troopers will attack the enemies the Melee and Flying troopers are battling until said Ranged trooper is faced with an enemy. 


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