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Mini Ztar first appeared in Mario Party 9. It is a purple star at the opposite side of Mini Stars; it minuses your stars. Only ways to receive Mini Ztars is by passing by them, landing on a Mini Ztar space and landing on an Unlucky Space.


Mario Party 9

As Mini Ztars are found in groups around the boards around certain spaces, they immediately display their effects if the player runs into them while assuming the role of the captain. Mini Ztars are rarely found alone, and are usually in groups of either three, five, or ten.

Mini Ztars can also be obtained in the "Unlucky" pipes in an amount depending on the player's dice roll. Unlucky routes may also lead to the player collecting Mini Ztars.

Mini Ztars are replaced by dark, purple bananas called Z-Bananas in DK's Jungle Ruins, though they have the same effect: they cause the player to lose Bananas when collected. They can be found as singular bananas or in bunches.

Mario Party: Island Tour

Mini Ztars reappear in Mario Party: Island Tour, along with Mini Stars, and only appear in Star-Crossed Skyway. Mini Ztars have the same role as in Mario Party 9. Mini Ztars can be obtained at Star Stages by either Bony Beetles (two Mini Ztars), Bone Goombas (five Mini Ztars), or Dry Bones (seven Mini Ztars). If a player collects too many Mini Ztars, it has the danger of the player's total being negative. This is the only game in which a player can have a negative Mini Star total, as the other two games have a minimum cap of zero. If so, the number appears as red, except in the final results screen after a game and in the current standings screen in intermissions.

Mario Party 10

Mini Ztars reappear in Mario Party 10 in Mario Party mode having the same role as in past Mario Party installments.


  • With its name, the opposite of Mini Star, the "S" was turned vertically reflected to a "Z".
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