Minh T. is a cheerful Toad living in Toad Town of the game Paper Mario.


Mihn T. is a Toad with light pink spots on her head. She also wears gardener's clothes.


She is a gardener who cares about flowers and Bub-ulbs. Minh T. learns about what happens to Flower Fields with the clouds blocking out the Sun, and so Minh T. tries to help the Bub-ulbs as much as she can by planting flowers outside Flower Fields. When Mario gets the Magical Seeds, he can give them to Minh T. so that she can plant them. When Minh T. plants all four Magical Seeds, the door to Flower Fields suddenly appears. Mario can deliver a letter to her that's from Wise Wisterwood. She wonders how Wise Wisterwood knows about her.


  • The name "Minh T." is a pun on the word "minty."