A Mild Cocoa Bean is an item that can be purchased at the Itty Bits store at Downtown of Crag. It can be mixed with many other items and recipes to create new chocolate-related recipes. It can be cooked as itself to create Warm Cocoa. As a side note, like all Super Paper Mario items that heal HP, this item cures Mario (or the active hero anyway) of his poison status.

Recipes Involving the Bean

Mild Cocoa Bean is in a large variety of recipes ranging from cake to just pure chocolate. If this item is mixed with Fire Burst, it'll create Lovely Chocolate. With a Poison Shroom, Standard Chocolate is created. If cooked with a Honey Jar, the sweet Sweet Choco-baris then created. Shroom Shake can also be cooked with it, thus giving the Shroom Choco-bar. Mild Cocoa Bean can also be cooked with Golden Leaf to create Golden Choco-bar, the most powerful chocolate bar item. In addition, when cooked with a Cake Mix, it will create a Chocolate Cake, or when it is cooked with a Fresh Pasta Bunch it will create Choco Pasta Dish.

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