Mighty Meteor is a Special Attack that appears in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story.

When this attack is used, either Mario or Luigi (Depending on who started the attack) will grab a small meteor out of their pockets, and the meteor will rise to the sky. When the meteor is going to fall, use DS Pad.svg.png to move and hold A Button if the meteor is falling to Mario's side, and hold B Button if its in Luigi's side.

To accurately hit the meteor and damage the enemy, you must at least move each brother under the meteor, then hold A Button or B Button, and release the button, then repeat the whole process all over again.

To unlock this attack, you must find all three Star Cures and combine them to make the Miracle Cure. After Mario and Luigi destroy the Dark Star's blockade, Dr. Toadley's Intern will give you all ten Attack Pieces to unlock the attack.


  • All items you can possibly get getting excelent on this attack are: An Ultra Mushroom, a Max Nut, a Star Candy or a 1-Up Deluxe.
  • If you hold A Button or B Button, either Mario or Luigi's Hammers will glow different colors, depending on how long you hold the buttons. There are two types of hammer glows, yellow and blue. Yellow is the weakest while blue is the strongest.