The Metro Kingdom (都市の国 , lit. City Country?), also known as "Modern Commerce Center and Urban Playground" is a location that appears in Super Mario Odyssey. It is a vast realm in the form of an urban metropolis of concrete and steel that's constantly expanding. It's so big that even the tops of some buildings have entire cities on them. Its most notable city is New Donk City, which serves as the kingdom's main playable area in the game along with some construction areas surrounding it.

The Metro Kingdom is largely based off the real-world location of New York City. The New Donk City Hall is based on the Empire State Building, while a pair of triangular-shaped buildings outside of it appear to be inspired by the Flatiron Building, and visible in the skyline are a building and bridge resembling the Chrysler Building and Brooklyn Bridge, respectively. The Metro Kingdom is also the founding location of the Crazy Cap Shop chain. New Donk City has also been implied to be the location of the events that take place in the arcade game Donkey Kong, where Mario had to save Pauline from Donkey Kong.[1][2]

The kingdom is notable for being primarily inhabited by humans, as known as New Donkers. As expected, the population of this kingdom is very crowded and its primary industries are information and ads. The primary currency of the Metro Kingdom are purple City Coins, however, they also accept regular gold coins.

Brochure details

Scraping the Sky

The skyscrapers of New Donk City are most people's first association with the city. But even among those, New Donk City Hall stands out as the very symbol of this great city, so don't miss it. Who knows, you might even run into world-renowned Mayor Pauline!

A Million-Coin View

If you've come to New Donk City, you owe it to yourself to see it at night. The best viewing spot is the landmark New Donk City Hall, but sadly the interior is closed for construction, so you'll have to aim for one of the neighboring buildings.

If it's festival season, you'll have a chance at a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but the timing is a bit irregular, so be sure to check the schedule beforehand.

Crazy Cap Flagship Store

There's probably only one brand that the entire world knows, and that's Crazy Cap. Their original flagship store is right here in New Donk City.

The unique storefront is converted from an old theater. Theater space is no longer much in demand, with so many street performers in the city.

Always Be Constructing

New Donkers are used to construction and new developments. There's always work being done below ground, on rooftops, and inside buildings, so power lines never get taken down—they run throughout town.

Unaccustomed travelers should watch out for the cranes, girders, and manholes scattered everywhere.

Scooting Across Town

These motor scooters may look old-fashioned, but they pack a punch and are perfect for tooling around the city. Be sure to try one out!

Fun tidbit: RC Cars

More New Donkers are getting into the noble sport of RC Car racing. Find a local enthusiast, and you'll open up a whole new world.

Three Keys to the Kingdom

  1. Appreciate the constant Power Moon-based progress and development.
  2. Visit those welcoming souls who just leave their doors wide open.
  3. Participate in the citywide festival if you can (schedule subject to change).



There are two paintings in this kingdom. One can be found behind where the Odyssey is located and it takes the player to either the Viewing Balcony in the Lake Kingdom or the Iron Cage in the Wooded Kingdom, and it can be accessed after defeating Mechawiggler. The other one is located far away from the main map at the Isolated Rooftop, which can be only accessed from a painting in the Sand Kingdom.

Power Moons

Main article: New Donk City

There are a total of 85 Power Moons (79 regular Power Moons and 2 Multi Moons) in the Metro Kingdom. During the player's first visit to this kingdom, they can collect 49 of the Power Moons and the 2 Multi Moons, including one from the kingdom's Hint Art. After the player defeats Bowser in the Moon Kingdom, 13 more Power Moons become available to collect. The Moon Rock moons will add 15 additional Power Moons to be accessible.



  • The kingdom's motto is: "Whatever it is, if it's here, it's first-rate."
  • It is heavily based on New York City and most major urban areas of the real world.
  • The kingdom itself is a throwback to the original Donkey Kong arcade game and it is implied that the events of those games occurred here, as noted by it being Pauline's hometown and the many construction sites that dot the city.
  • Many of the streets and other features in Metro Kingdom's cities are named after characters and elements from the Donkey Kong games, further cementing its connection to said game series.
  • The Metro Kingdom is the Kingdom most associated with Super Mario Odyssey.

Names in Other Languages

  • Japanese: Toshi no Kuni (Country of the City)
  • Spanish: El Reino Urbano (Urban Kingdom; Genitive: Lis Reinis Urbanis)
  • Italian: Il Régno Cittáius (Kingdom of the City; Genitive: Lóis Régnis Cittáius)
  • French: Le Pays Du Gratte-ciel (Skyscraper's Country)


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