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  • You were wrong. A remake is basically just the same game with improved graphics and a few new levels and other minor changes (take Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D for example). This game has expanded on that. It has new playable characters, a new story, more levels, 30 new stars alongside some being removed. It also has a hoard of other features such as minigames and stuff so that makes it a different game just because the levels are the same doesn't automatically make it a remake. It could even be the substitute to Super Mario 64 2 for all you know due to Luigi and...stuff...

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    • Actually, you're wrong there. Super Mario 64 DS is just a remake of Super Mario 64. Super Mario 64 even had a canceled sequel called "Super Mario 64 2." It really helps to check your sources first.

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    • Congratulations "The RPG Gamer" you've done a fine job of not only contradicting yourself, but you also failed to check sources such as Wikipedia and Super Mario Wiki. Super Mario 64 2 was the cancelled sequel to Super Mario 64, so how does the Nintendo DS version fill in for that cancelled sequel?

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