"I'm the famous Merlow of Shooting Star Summit. I collect Star Pieces. I have the biggest collection!"
― Merlow

Merlow is a character in Paper Mario. He resides in the top floor of the house at Shooting Star Summit. Much his family members, Merlon, Merluvlee, Merlee, a Merle, he is covered with large robes from head to toe.


Merlow claims to have the biggest Star Piece collection in the entirety of the Mushroom Kingdom. He wishes to trade the Star Pieces that Mario has collected on his adventure for a badge from his unique inventory of powerful and rare badges. In Merlow's Tattle, Goombario states that he is about the same age as he is.

Mario can visit Merlow at any time in the game to trade with him. Merlow's inventory never restocks but also never increases. With a total of 160 Star Pieces in the game, Mario can trade them all for separate badges. The number of Star Pieces Merlow depends on the usefulness of the badge. For example, Attack FX A has a Star Piece price of one because it only alters the sound of an attack, however, a badge like Flower Saver has a price of twenty Star Pieces since it lowers the amount of FP needed to perform moves that require FP.

Goombario's Tattle

"He's Merlow. He's about the same age as I am. I wanna play with him when we finish our adventure. I guess he trades Star Pieces for Badges. Merluvlee, who's downstairs, is his sister. He's so lucky!"
― Tattle



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