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Merlee is a charmer and a fortune teller. Merlee has a habit of rhyming in every game. In Super Paper Mario, she helps the four heroes. The relationships are listed in alphabetical order.


In Paper Mario, Goombario confirmed that Merlee and Merluvlee are twin sisters. In Super Paper Mario, both of them were rivals when they were classmates. Merluvlee is Merlee's Flipside counterpart. Merlee also asks Mario's quest to ask Merluvlee for another crystal ball who also asks to help her quest.


In Super Paper Mario, Mimi pretended to be Merlee's handmaid, Tippi suspected her despite hearing that she is Merlee's handmaid. Mario and company paid for their debt for breaking Mimi's favorite vase; Mimi realizes they broke her curse. Tippi finds out that she put a curse in Merlee's Mansion and came to search for her.

At Merlee's Basement, Mimi pretended to be Merlee and lured them to sign up for the Pure Heart. If Mario and company decides to sign, Merlee warned Mario that it is not her, "Merlee" tries to force the player to sign. After refusing, Merlee compliments Mario and co. for their choice because "Merlee" is fake. Mimi realizes that there was no point fooling them, Mimi decided to transform into her true form and chase Mario/Peach and Tippi while the search for Merlee. Before moving, Merlee gives tips about Mimi. Mario and co. find Merlee hiding on one of the toilets in the female bathroom. Mimi even mimicks Merlee's appearance to confuse the player. Merlee and Mimi have different interests that may hint the real Merlee during the "That's My Merlee!" Show. Whether the player chose the real Mimi correctly or incorrectly, Mimi transforms that fears Merlee who runs out of the bathroom. Mimi decides to defeat Mario and Tippi before chasing Merlee, but she casts a spell to make her vulnerable while Mario or Peach stomps on Mimi. Mimi had lost the fight and left the place relieving Merlee that the Pure Heart is safe.

In Castle Bleck at the foyer, Mimi poses as Merlee to ask them what scares them the most. The heroes lied to her and Mimi shapeshifts back to herself before fighting.

After Mario and company saves the world with Count Bleck and his minions, Merlee hired Mimi to be her handmaid in her mansion while she hangs out at Flopside. While she is gone, Mimi makes a stable of "cutie-pies" (otherwise known as boys).


Merlee and Tippi had rarely interacted each other. In Merlee's Mansion, Tippi was concerned with Merlee while Mimi was around. Mario and company finds Merlee in the female bathroom, they agree with Merlee to fight against Mimi, but Mimi transforms into another Merlee to confuses Tippi and Mario.

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