Merlee's Basement is a location that appears in Super Paper Mario. It is a very large basement that is located at the bottom of Merlee's Mansion and serves as the main setting for Chapter 2-4.


Chapter 2-4: The Basement Face-off

Mario and company finally make it to the basement of Merlee's Mansion and they are soon greeted by Merlee herself who is using her magic to project herself as an illusion from a distance. Merlee warns the heroes about her basement being like a maze and the monster that is lurking around. As Mario and company press forward, they bump into who is believe to Merlee. "Merlee" says she'll sell the Pure Heart for 10,000,000 Rubees but Mario and Tippi don't buy it and the real Merlee's illusion soon appears warning them that the is the monster. "Merlee" then reveals herself as Mimi and transforms into her grotesque true form. Unfortunately for the heroes, Mimi is invincible in this form thanks to Count Bleck and are forced to retreat from Mimi. Mimi will continue the chase throughout the basement until Mario and co. reach the bathrooms on the bottom floor. Finally, the real Merlee is found in a toilet of the girls bathroom thanking the heroes for rescuing her. This is short lived as Mimi enters the room and transforms into Merlee again. The two of them get into a fight and the heroes are forced to figure out which Merlee is real. The 66th Annual "That's My Merlee" soon beings with our heroes trying to figure out which Merlee is real. The real Merlee can be easily guessed as the one with the flies around since she was trapped inside of a toilet. Mimi reveals herself and prepares to fight the heroes. Fortunately, Merlee chants a spell that gets rid of Mimi's invincibility and with that, Mario and the others are able to defeat Mimi who then teleports away. Merlee thanks the heroes for defeating Mimi and says that there are four heroes that must be together in order to save all worlds. Mario and Princess Peach are two already so they must try to get together with the other two. With that said, Merlee finally hands over the Pure Heart fulfilling her duties and having Mario and company with two already.