Meowser is a cat version of Bowser and is the final boss of Super Mario 3D World. He appears in the final level, The Great Tower of Bowser Land. He is what Bowser turns into by putting a Super Bell on his spiked collar.


Meowser resembles his previous form, but with cat features. Meowser has a tiger-like appearance and spiky white and red hair. He gains fluffy orange fur, cat ears, and a tail.


Meowser is the form of Bowser after using the Super Bell power-up. Meowser then continues to stalk down Mario and the others until he is defeated for good.


Bowser only transforms into meowser in the final stage of Super Mario 3D World. The battle against Meowser is similar to the final battle with Bowser in Super Mario 3D Land. The player doesn't directly fight Meowser but instead has to climb up the tower while avoiding all of Meowser's attacks. Meowser will destroy platforms which forces the player(s) to move out of the way without falling into the pit below. After the player hits the Pow-Block at the end of the first phase, Meowser is apparently sent falling to his doom. At the halfway point up the tower, however, Meowser will use a Double Cherry to make clones of himself. With two Meowsers, one of them will actually slam through the tower attempting to attack the player while the other one scales the tower as usual. Eventually, more Meowsers will appear and the player(s) must be more careful. Once the player(s) reach the very top, Meowser is seen holding the Sprixie Princesses in a jar and will attack by breathing fire at the players. The giant POW Block must be hit a total of four times in order to finish off Meowser and his duplicates once and for all.

Powers and Abilities

Meower has all of the abilities of Cat Mario with being agile and able to climb up walls. However, due to his size, Meowser can climb up much faster. He can also break through walls with his massive claws.


  • Wall Climb: Meowser can climb up walls like Cat Mario.
  • Purple Fire Blast: Even in his cat form, Bowser can still breathe fire. However, the color changes from red-yellow to purple-black.
  • Fury Swipes: Meowser, after breaking at a space in the tower, will start slashing and will stop giving the player a chance to pass without getting hit.
  • Tail Slap: Meowser can use his Tanooki-like tail to slap it at the player.



  • Even though the Super Bell just gives Mario (and the others) a cat suit, the Super Bell turns Bowser into an actual cat.
  • Meowser and his clones can actually move independently to each other.
  • Meowser’s battle is similar to The Devil’s battle in the game cuphead.
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