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Memory Mash
Memory Mash is a 2 vs. 2 mini-game that occurs in Mario Party DS.


The camera pans across the four players, already divided into two pairs, waiting for the whistle. The players are standing on a table covered with eighteen face-down cards, in a three by six matrix.


The objective of this game is to match pairs of cards with the same picture. Players are free to roam the playing surface. If a player wishes to flip over a face-down card, he or she needs to ground pound the card by tapping A twice. Cards only remain face up for approximately five seconds—after about three seconds face-up, cards begin to shake, and then spontaneously turn face-down. When a card is turned face-up, its background is colored red or blue, based on which team flipped over the card. When a pair is revealed, if the cards are the same color, the pair is removed from the board and credited to the team that matched it. If the cards are of opposite color, they are immediately turned face-down. The first team to score 4 distinct pairs wins.


Much like the game it is based on, a good memory makes the game easier, but does not assure success. Pay close attention to your partner's movements—try to coordinate your reveals with his or her reveals so that you can score pairs efficiently. Should a pair of cards lie next to each other or within two horizontally, it is possible to flip both cards in the pair yourself and score the point for your team.


The game is based off the classic children's memory game Concentration. The nine pairs are all classic Mario objects—namely, the Fire Flower, Super Mushroom, Starman, Buzzy Beetle, Lakitu's Cloud, Cheep Cheep, and three others.

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