Memory Lane is a 4-player mini-game featured in Mario Party 6. Its name comes from the metaphor for reflecting on one's memories (taking a trip down Memory Lane).


The minigame begins with a Shy Guy walking across the glass platform on a random path, lighting up the squares he steps on and occasionally turning a different direction. The players will have to walk on exactly the same path that the Shy Guy did during the introduction. If a player were to step on a wrong section, the piece of floor they are on will crumble, and Lakitu will have to pull him/her back up on a correct square. The first person to reach the castle on the other side wins.


The winner can be seen at the end standing atop the castle at the end of the path with the Shy Guy, who is cheering as the player performs their victory animation.


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In-game text

  • Rules - "Follow the Shy Guys' route across the floor to the goal. Whoever reaches the goal first wins!"
  • Advice - "The Shy Guy will only walk across once, so pay attention and memorize his path!


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  • The path Shy Guy walks across changes every time the minigame is played.
  • There are only visual differences between day and night.
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