The Memory Banks is a location in Bowser's body that appears in the game Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. It is located in Bowser's brain and is the highest place that Mario and Luigi can visit while inside Bowser's body. It appears to be a library and a computer and its guardian is a being called Narpse.


After defeating the Fawful Express, Bowser can finally get the Star Cure from his safe. However, he has a hard time remembering the combination and tells "Chippy" to do something. Starlow urges Mario and Luigi to head to the Memory Banks in order to solve the problem. However, as Mario and Luigi find the source of the problem, they are scanned and thought to be of viruses and must fight Bowser Memory ML. The Mario Bros. defeat their corrupted counterparts and the being turns into a version of Peach quickly realizes that the group isn't there to cause any damage. There, Mario and Luigi must piece back together Bowser's memory where Starlow quickly knows that Bowser's memory damage was caused by the Fawful Express ramming him into the large boulder. Bowser remembers the combination and opens the safe to get the Star Cure but his henchmen turn on him and lock him in the safe. Bowser swallows the Star Cure and Mario and Luigi leave the Memory Banks to go into the Gut Check to get their second Star Cure.

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