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The Melty Monster Galaxy is a galaxy in the game Super Mario Galaxy 2. It is located in World 6. This galaxy includes new giant fire monsters like Magmaarghs and Magmaws.


The Magnificent Magma Sea

This is the only star you have the option to do when first visiting this galaxy. You start on a floating platform with a hidden pipe leading to the Chimp's Bowling Challenge. The first section is filled with Magmaarghs and Pull Stars so you can navigate through. After using the launch star, you make a close encounter with a Magmaargh while in another launch star. This leads to a volcano area with Podoboos and Octoombas, with waves of lava flowing. It contains many poles for Mario or Luigi to climb. Afterwards, there are tornadoes that allow Mario or Luigi to fly and glide. This leads to a launch star, going to the final area. It's a lava planet with tons of Magmaws and Magmaarghs. The mini-planets darkened with ash show that there is a lava monster that may attack on that mini-planet. The comet medal is located on the side of one of the non-darkened planets The star is contained within a crystal on a darkened planet, and upon being freed, heads to the farthest non-darkened planet.

A Stroll Down Rolling Lane

This star is available after the first star has been obtained. However, upon entering, the pull stars are gone and instead there is a rock mushroom and a ramp, which leads to a completely different part of the level. After using a launch star, you are given another rock mushroom and put into a fenced-off platform with a bridge to knock over. It is also full of Prickly Plants that Rock Mario/Luigi can destroy in their boulder form. After knocking down the bridge and heading over the ramp, Rock Mario/Luigi keeps endlessly rolling down many areas, most of which are not fenced off. Lots of star bits are scattered across the course. Eventually, Mario/Luigi will reach a completely fenced off platform with the star. There is a block in the upper left corner to stop Rock Mario/Luigi's movement, allowing you to grab the star.

The Chimp's Bowling Challenge

This star is available from the beginning, but does not appear as an option until the star is obtained. In order to get to it, you must go down a pipe located on the starting platform. This is easily achieveable, as you can just fall off of the front of the platform. Upon entering, you can see the chimp by what looks like a bowling floor. Upon accepting it, you are given a rock mushroom, and a platform appears, allowing you to run over the bowling pin enemies. Your goal is 5000 points and each pin gives 100 when it is hit. When losing, you will lose all your health, resulting in a loss of a life. If you win, the Chimp will award you with a star, which completes the mission. Curiously, this is the penultimate Chimp star (assuming you did it before the challenge in Slimy Spring Galaxy, otherwise it's the last).

Green Star Locations

  • Green Star 1: The first green star takes place during the first mission, The Magnificent Magma Sea. The green star itself is located right in the first section, far above the launch star. The way to get this is to gain momentum by using the pull stars and letting go at the right time.
  • Green Star 2: The second green star also takes place in the Magnificent Magma Sea. However, it is in the second section of the level. Go through the obstacles as usual. Once you get to the tornadoes, go to the leftmost one and you will grab it after spinning Mario/Luigi into the air.
  • Green Star 3: The third green star takes place during the second mission, A Stroll Down Rolling Lane. Make your way through the level as you usually would. When you reach the platform leading to the one with the star, don't bounce off of the fence. Instead, go farther right and it will be grabbed. This star may require a bit of precision and timing.