Super Mario RPG Statistics: Megasmilax
Megasmilax's artwork from Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.
Location(s) Bean Valley
Health Points (HP) 1000
Attack 140
Defense 80
Magic Attack 70
Magic Defense 80
Weaknesses Ice
Dropped Item None
Psychopath Message "I was a water baby!"
Dropped Coins None
Experience Points 40

Megasmilax is a boss that appears in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.


Megasmilax is basically a giant Piranha Plant that also has smaller heads called Smilaxs. It comes out of a Pipe and it will stay there until you beat him.


Right as Mario and his team defeats many Piranha Plants, a Shy Away uses special water on another Piranha Plant which grows three heads thus the Megasmilax is born. Megasmilax is eventually defeated and Mario and his team heads further into the clouds of Bean Valley and into Nimbus Land.


In battle, Megasmilax itself attacks mainly by biting Mario and his team and can also use the troublesome Petal Blast move. The smaller Smilaxs can also attack mainly by biting.


Megasmilax and the Smilaxs have a big weakness to Ice so it's recommended to have Mallow in his fight and use his Snowy move. Mallow should also be equipped with a Trueform Pin to avoid being turned into a mushroom while Mario attacks normally and Peach heals.

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