Mega Wigglers (also called Big Wigglers or Giant Wigglers) are a variety of the Wiggler. They vastly resemble an enlarged Wiggler identifiable by their increased speed and made their debut in New Super Mario Bros.. Since then, Mega Wigglers have been recurring enemies in the Mario series commonly appearing in 2D Mario games. Unlike a basic Wiggler, Mega Wigglers are so large that they don't feel anything and as a result, they don't get enraged upon being stomped, also, unlike Wigglers, Mega Wigglers are typically invincible and cannot be defeated by any means.


New Super Mario Bros.

The 29-Segmented Mega Wiggler as seen in New Super Mario Bros..

A single harmless Mega Wiggler with 29 segments appears in New Super Mario Bros. in World 7-3. It travels along the skies occasionally hopping up. Mario can ride the Mega Wiggler to cross the expansive skies to reach the end of the level, other enemies may hop on board the Mega Wiggler but they can easily be taken care of.

Smaller Mega Wigglers (similar to those in later games) are also seen in the game's files but went unused in the game's final build. These Mega Wigglers behaved identically to the standard-sized Wigglers and could be enraged by stomping on them.

Mario Kart Wii

The Angry Mega Wiggler reaches the finish line.

The Mega Wiggler returns to his happy state once the round is over.

A Mega Wiggler appears as an opponent in Mario Kart Wii during the Tournament/Competition on Wario's Gold Mine. During the competition, players will have to race a Mega Wiggler around the course reach the finish first. The Mega Wiggler races around the course at incredible speed and is powerful enough to knock your vehicle over. The Items provided during the match are Starmen allowing you to whiz through the Mega Wiggler without being knocked over. The Mega Wiggler is also powerful enough to knock past various obstacles such as Swoopers and Wario's Gold-Filled Mine Carts. With every lap, the Mega Wiggler gets faster and on the final lap becomes enraged and slightly more aggressive. If you reach the finish line before the Mega Wiggler does, you win. After the round is over, the Mega Wiggler returns to his joyful state.

The race against the Mega Wiggler is highly similar to the Wiggler race during the boss stage of Level 7 of Mario Kart DS's Mission Mode.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Mario hopping across two Mega Wigglers in New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

Mega Wigglers appear again in New Super Mario Bros. Wii this time, appearing in World 5-2. They are faster than standard Wigglers and can walk through Poisoned Water. Mega Wigglers are completely invincible and cannot be defeated in any way. Mega Wigglers are also useful for crossing the dangerous chasms or needing to gain some extra height to reach a high ledge or item. Mega Wigglers can also plow through and defeat other enemies such as Swoopers.

Super Mario Galaxy 2

A Mega Wiggler from Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Mega Wigglers are back in Super Mario Galaxy 2 this time appearing in the Supermassive Galaxy. They appear on the final planet on the way to the Power Star. The Mega Wigglers are seen walking around the tube planet. Mega Wigglers once again cannot be enraged or defeated however near the end of the tube, there are a couple Mega Wigglers which are angry by default and are much faster. Mega Wigglers can also be bounced on harmlessly.

New Super Mario Bros. U/New Super Luigi U/New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe

Luigi near a Mega Wiggler as seen in New Super Luigi U.

Mega Wigglers also appear in New Super Mario Bros. U as well as New Super Luigi U and New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe. In these game, they commonly appear in the Soda Jungle levels Wiggler Stampede and Wiggler Floodlands. They once again retain their increased speed as well as their invincibility. Mega Wigglers once again can crawl through Poison Water allowing Mario and friends to hitch a ride. The Mega Wigglers also allow you to bounce really high.

Super Mario Maker/Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS/Super Mario Maker 2

A Mega Wiggler as seen in Super Mario Maker.

Mega Wigglers return in Super Mario Maker as well as it's two sequels. In these games, they can be made by giving a Super Mushroom to a Wiggler. Mega Wigglers can also be shaken to become angry or be given wings to become a Flying Mega Wiggler. In these game, Mega Wigglers aren't as big as they were previously and are no longer invincible as they can be defeated with a Starman. Additionally, Mega Wigglers now get enraged upon being stomped like a normal Wiggler. Also, unlike before, Mega Wigglers are unable to destroy other enemies. When placed underwater, Mega Wigglers behave similarly to Eels.