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The Mega Unagi is a subspecies of Unagi. It appeared in New Super Mario Bros. and later in Mario Kart Wii. It would attack by popping its head out for a split second and then charging.


New Super Mario Bros.

Mega Unagis first appear in New Super Mario Bros.. In this game, they appear in the levels World 4-3 and World 8-3. They travel along the water and are large enough to destroy dense blocks. One Mega Unagi actually chases you throughout the level requiring you to swim quick. If you're directly under or above this Mega Unagi, it will either lower itself onto you or swim upward to hit you making it an extremely deadly foe. Mega Unagis are completely invincible and not even a Starman can destroy one, you are still invincible to them however.

Mario Kart Wii

They appear in a course, Koopa Cape. When entering the pipe you notice Giant Unagis swimming pass by. They can be seen on the outside of the pipe tunnel so they are completely harmless. Some Mega Unagis can also be seen in Chain Chomp Wheel through the windows of the battle course. Mega Unagis are replaced with normal-sized Unagis in Mario Kart 7.


  • An issue of Nintendo Power voted the Mega Unagi to be the scariest villain in New Super Mario Bros.; the article referred to it as a "giant screen-taking eel."

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