Mecha March is a Bowser Jr. mini-game in Mario Party 9.


  • Work with your teammate to operate a two-legged vehicle in order to chase and catch Bowser Jr.
  • The duo must pilot their legged vehicle in order to catch up to Bowser Jr. in his own. The players do this by waving the Wii Remote simultaneously to move the machine legs to it walk through the corridor.
  • When wreckage is found on the floor, the players must shake the Wii Remote in the same time to jump over it. As the players get closer to Bowser Jr., he begins to panic and move faster. Right near the end, Bowser Jr. begins to move slowly as he passes underneath the gate. The players win if they kick Bowser Jr.'s machine before he passes the gate at the end.
  • Bowser Jr. is seen using a Koopa Clown Car-like legged machine.


  • Hold the Wii Remote vertically. Wave it in time with the instructions shown on-screen.
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