Mecha-Zingers are mechanical Zingers who appear in the game, Donkey Kong 64.


Mecha-Zingers are first found in Frantic Factory and in the Frantic Factory lobby of K. Rool's Mobile Island Fortress. Mecha-Zingers fly around and release grenades at a Kong. Mecha-Zingers have poor accuracy when dropping grenades, compared to regular Zingers. When a Kong shoots at a Mecha-Zinger, it is defeated and will release a single melon slice.

Mecha-Zingers also appear in the final level, Hideout Helm, but only during Lanky Kong's mini-game. Lanky must shoot three of the Mecha-Zingers in the room to complete the mini-game. The Mecha-Zingers never directly attack Lanky but can be a tad difficult to hit from a distance. Having homing ammo makes taking out the Mecha-Zingers much easier. However, these Mecha-Zingers take two hits to defeat them comparied to the ones in Frantic Factory.