Mecha-Bowser is a large, mechanical incarnation of Bowser that has appeared in several Super Mario games, often serving as a boss character.


Mecha-Bowser's overall design varies from game to game, but in general it appears as an enormous robotic facsimile of the real Bowser, often piloted or controlled by another, smaller character, or even Bowser himself. Mecha-Bowser's mechanical nature is rarely subtle, having visible rivets, joints, pistons, and metal plates, sometimes shaking and rattling like an old gas-powered vehicle. Though not always as strong as Bowser himself, it still poses a threat when presented, wielding a flamethrower in its mouth along with other hidden weapons such as Bullet Bill launchers, lasers beams, and cannons.


Super Mario Sunshine

Mecha-Bowser first appears in Super Mario Sunshine where it is controlled by Shadow Mario (a.k.a. Bowser Jr.). Mecha-Bowser can be found inside of Pinna Park. Mario must use a roller coaster with F.L.U.D.D. and fire water at Mecha-Bowser when close by. Mario must be on the look for Bullet Bills attempting to attack Mario himself. Mecha-Bowser also spits fire on the roller coaster tracks. To defeat Mecha-Bowser, Mario must find water-powered rockets and fire them with F.L.U.D.D. at it.

Mario Tennis series

Mario Power Tennis

Mecha-Bowser reappears in Mario Power Tennis. In this game, Mecha-Bowser occasionally appears on the stage to tilt the course. It is also a boss in a minigame.

Mario Party series

Mario Party 5

Mecha-Bowser appears in Mario Party 5 in the Toy Dream party board where it shoots players out of cannons when landing on his space back to the starting point.

Mario Party 7

Mecha-Bowser makes a cameo appearance in Mario Party 7 where his can be seen in Bowser's Enchanted Inferno.

Super Mario Galaxy

Mecha-Bowser reappears in Super Mario Galaxy as a toy robot in Toy Time Galaxy. However, Mecha-Bowser still is green, but has the blue coloration replacing the yellow. Mario can defeat the Mecha-Bowser by ground pounding through the rocks on its head and free the Gearmos inside of it. This boss battle is technically a mini-boss fight because there is no boss music playing when you fight it and nor is there a boss intro that starts the fight, similar to the Mandibug Stack.


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