Mayor Penguin's Wife is a character who appears in Paper Mario. She is the wife of Mayor Penguin and they both live on the far west side of Shiver City.


Mayor Penguin's Wife is a female Bumpty who is purple in color. She also wears a white apron around her body.


Mayor Penguin's Wife is first seen as soon Mario and company enters her house. Mayor Penguin's Wife is happy to see visitors and gladly allows them to see her husband. However, she soon walks in onto her husband knocked out on the floor and she suspects that Mario murdered him. She soon calls the Penguin Police Chief to investigate the scene. Even though Mario soon brings in Herringway, Mayor Penguin's Wife still suspects Mario is the culprit. However, Mayor Penguin soon wakes up and a terrified Mayor Penguin's Wife thinks he is a ghost. Mayor Penguin soon explains everything and Mayor Penguin's Wife is relieved. She soon apologizes to Mario for falsely accusing him and invites him to come back anytime.


  • Mayor Penguin's Wife is the only known female Bumpty living in Shiver City.


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